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Demystifying real estate investments through the power of passive income.

Founded by Bernardo Franco

Our firm

We are a Real Estate investment private equity firm focusing on value-add opportunities in primary and secondary markets.

We invest our clients capital to diversify their portfolio with stable and high-growth Multifamily investments.

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"Real Estate investments accessible to anyone, everywhere"

Multifamily vs. Stocks





Multifamily Returns around ~15% 


2000 - 2019 S&P Market return was 8.87% 


Investing as a Limited Partner in a Multifamily opportunity gives you shares in a LLC that you can sell, albeit not as easy as selling a publicly traded stock.

For publicly listed companies, selling stock is farily liquid.


Leverage amplify your returns, particularly now during record-low interest rates. Investments in Multifamily can leverage up to  70%-80%.

Investors generally cannot use leverage for equity investments. Individual companies do leverage but not to the levels Real Estate investments can. Equity investors can use margin stock where you leverage up to 50% but with significant risk.


Depreciation, 1031 Exchanges and other strategies can reduce your tax to zero from distributions from the hold period and at exit when you sell (please speak to your tax advisor before investing).

15%-20% Capital gains tax rates (dependent on new regulation).

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