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About us

Aditum Capital was created as a result of the large proliferation of REITs and Real Estate (RE) Private Equity funds focusing largely on the Medium to Large investor across all Real Estate categories (Retail, Office, Industrial, Residential and Agricultural), with little focus on the Small to Medium size investor.

Our goal is to enable access to Real Estate as an asset class to any investor; small,  medium or large, across a broad range of Real Estate categories and markets.  We believe the investable real estate universe will be highly attractive, particularly in developed economies where selective urban cities and rural areas will experience exponential growth in the next +10 years. In the United States, our team focuses on the sun-belt cities to leverage the massive migration from New York and California, which we believe will be the norm in a post-COVID world. 

Additionally, developed markets will continue to attract rural migrants (and immigrants from abroad), albeit at a slower pace.  Nevertheless, these mature markets provide a low risk/low yield reward for the conservative investor.

Our strategy is founded on understanding local market dynamics to identify investment opportunities that meet our investment criteria, all underpinned by an investment methodology that is highly analytical. While we focus only on the United States, we will evaluate ad-hoc opportunities in Latin America with Aditum Capital's private capital.


Mission and Vision

Our vision is ”to make Real Estate investments accessible to anyone, everywhere”.  


Our mission is "to enable access to real estate investments to small, medium and large size investors across local and international markets by offering a structured investment approach

United States

(our focus)

The stability of cash flows, ease of access to information and market size are the key drivers of value for Aditum Capital in this market. We focus on medium to large residential Multifamily investments in primary and secondary fast-growing cities. Our investment strategy is not restricted to any particular market but rather on understanding Real Estate fundamentals to find value-creation opportunities.  New markets will be considered as market cycles progress across the country.


(local investors only)

Peru and Colombia are one of the fastest growing Latin American countries with a strong track record of functioning institutions and democratic governments where private property is highly protected.  Our key markets include Bogota and Lima, as these markets continue to, and are projected to, experience large migrations from rural to urban areas.  Additionally, the return of young professionals, who previously left the country for school or work, continue to pave the way to significant Real Estate opportunities.


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